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As a brand new high school graduate, I feel like my life has only just begun. With university around the corner and many hopes and abmitions I’m dying to fulfill, there is one place in the world that I’ve always wanted to go. Ever since I saw the below image a few years ago, my dream has been to visit Sierra Leone.

This is what these people call home

The republic of Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa. It can eaily be classified as one of the worlds poorest countries as its people suffer not only of hunger and homelessness but they are ruled but an unstable government that exploits its own people. Sierra Leone is now at the heart of a series of conflicts that risk forming an arc of violence from southern Senegalto the Ivory Coast. With over two-thirds of its population having thought been displaced during the ten-year civil war, the people of Sierra Leone have experienced and seen serious and disgusting human rights violations. With child soldiers and severe death rates, the country suffers incredibly.


 Now I know most people would call me crazy, but if I was given the opportunity to go anywhere in the world I would go to one of the poorest places on Earth. Having studied Social Justice, the course really took a toll on my perspective of life. My desire to help those in need is indescribable. It isn’t just the feeling I get while helping others but it’s the way I’m making others feel that makes it all worth it. To me, preserving dignity and respecting every individual human life it what makes us feel emotions worth living for.  Although I volunteer a lot locally, my dream has always been to visit a developing country and experience the culture of true poverty. Being blessed with the priveleged lifestyle we have Canada , I feel like a trip like this is only a small way I can make a big change in someone else’s life. What did I ever do to be born here and not there? What makes them less deserving than me? I can only hope but to one day put a human face to the sufferings of the empoverished in our world.


If I had the priveledge of going on an S-Trip! I would without a doubt bring my three best friends, Rosana Zlomislic, Marina Buljat and Gabriella Santarossa. Not only have they been my friends since we were children, but they are the most amazing friends anyone could ask for. They are supportive of everything I do, they are always there for me to fall back on and I’ll awlays cherish our endless laughter. However,with our busy schedules and the fact that Marina lives a ferry boat ride away, its not often we get to be alltogether. And when I say often, I mean about two or three times a year if we’re lucky (but thank god for skype). An experience like this would be life changing itself, but to have the honour of sharing it with my best friends would be remarkable.

My other half- Rosana

My partner in crime- Gabriella


The one and only- Marina


Thank you S-Trip for your amazing contribution to the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant. This is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Hey Katarina Lulic, can you tighten it up a bit? align the pictures better to remove empty spaces and DO NOT CENTER JUSTIFY the text. its one of my oet peeves. Left justify the text, always. Thanks.

  2. Rachel Kennedy says:

    So glad that you love S-Trip! Check out these reviews from our amazing passengers!

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