Another one of the official blog assignments for the pageant is to create a TV show using some of the official Miss Teen Canada-World sponsors. I decided to get culturally creative with my idea so read about it below and comment with some feedback 🙂 xo

“The Exchange Experience”


The idea behind my show is to create a sort of exchange program between young women in North American countries (such as Canada and the U.S.) and women in developing countries (such as Kenya). The two young ladies would swap homes for a week, without meeting each other. Then after the week was over they would meet for the very first time.


The exchange would serve as tool to get young women to experience not only extremely different cultures from their own, but it would also give an opportunity to experience different social classes and possibly break the barriers between them. With women’s rights being a continuous battle in many empovrished countries and the opposing influencial role of women in developed countries, the show would get both young ladies to swap spots and experience what it would be like in one another’s shoes.


The show would give an inside look into both of the young women’s lives and how they adapt to the change of environment. It would be both inspiring and empowering to watch, as the camara would capture the entire experience and share the stories of young women across the globe.


S-Trip! Would provide flights and accomodations for the ladies during their swap. S-Trip! is know for the incredible experiences that accompany their getaways to various different locations around the world, and “amazing experience” is a key definition behind the purpose of the show.

The Free the Children Foundation’s slogan is “children helping children” and this show would be a perfect example of that. The show exposes young women to other young women around the world which creates a culture of appreciation and gratitude.

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