Hello, I am Anastasia Evans from Coquitlam BC.


I am a grade eight student at Hillcrest Middle School. I’m very passionate about participating in sports because it gives kids the confidence to succeed in all aspects of life. Just this week I won first in high jump and long jump at the middle school district track meet.  The picture below was taken at the South Fraser High School track meet a couple of weeks ago. My track and field club is called the Coquitlam Cheetahs, my favourite track events are the 200m hurdles, high jump, and 200m sprint.

I also play on two basketball teams. One of my basketball teams is called the Coquitlam Thunder. We usually play in the United States in places like Seattle and Bellingham. This team won the Skagit County Championships 4 months ago. I also play for a BC basketball team – Fraser Valley North Regional team or NFV. I will be playing in the U-14 provincial jamboree next weekend. I really hope to achieve a spot on the BC provincial team.

Where I Live

I like living in Coquitlam because it’s such a diverse city and very beautiful. We have many different sport leagues and excellent athletic programs. I enjoy hiking in the various trails and parks and swimming in the lakes during the summer. You can find more about Coquitlam at the official website! Below is a picture of me skiing at Mt.Seymour with Coquitlam and Vancouver in the background .


I’m very happy about getting the opportunity to present my platform this July in Toronto. My platform is why girls should stay in sports. I’ll be blogging about my pageant platform and a great charity, KidSport Tricities this coming week. I am truly grateful to be given the opportunity to compete in Miss Teen Canada and meet all the other contestants. I think it’s going to be an amazing week full of new friendships, memories, and lots of fun.

I really admire Ric O’Barry, he’s a dolphin activist and was part of the movie The Cove. This year for my grade eight speech my topic was “The dolphin slaughter in Taiji”. As you can tell I love marine animals and hope to make a career as a marine biologist .Our oceans are an integral to our world’s survival. Later on I will be posting my speech and opinion on the terrible tragedies that continue to occur in Taiji.

Have a great long weekend everyone ! I am off to Bellingham tomorrow to shop for some summer clothes. Not that you can tell in Vancouver, it is pouring rain today.

The sponsors of the Miss Teen Canada pageant have been wonderful, especially Shasha Bread Co and their healthy snacks for all of the contestants, and of course the Internet marketing firm PageOne who helped us all with our blogs.

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  1. Eileen Kooznetsoff says:

    I am very proud of you!!! Although we are far apart physically, I think of you often and admire your commitments and enthusiasm. I love you very much!

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