The Keg Spirit Foundation

Why the Keg Became Involved

The Keg Spirit Foundation was created by David Aisenstat, founder and CEO of the Keg Steakhouse and Bar restaurant chain. David is a very hard worker and has not only built an empire of restaurants, but is also on the board of Trustees at the Vancouver Art Gallery and launching a new radio station. The Keg promotes a culture of being involved in the community. For the 30th anniversary of the Keg, David established the Keg Spirit Foundation in 2001. His mission was to support charities that focus on the development of children and youth. David’s goal is to support those organizations that provide mentorship for young people.


Free the Children benefits from the Kegs generosity in a number of ways. One the main things that the Keg does for Free the Children is the sponsorship of We Day in the form of books, educator supplies, and curriculum development. We Day celebrates the power of young people and how they can make positive change in the world. School’s from around Canada support and attend We Day. The Keg is a proud supporter of Vancouver We Day.  This Foundation also helped Free the Children through helping communities in Kenya.The Keg Spirit Foundation also has helped Free the Children through helping communities in Kenya. The Keg Spirit Foundation has raised over 5 million dollars for its numerous charities.

Benefits of Partnership

Giving back to the community leaves one with a rewarding feeling. I know raising money for Free the Children and KidSport Tricities helped me realize the amount of work, time
and effort many people donate to make the world a better place for those less
fortunate. Imagine if more middle school aged kids decided to volunteer their
time to make someone else’s life a little bit easier? Whether it’s receiving
clean drinking water, an education, used sports equipment, or being able to play a sport that you love, all kids deserve the chance to have a childhood. I know soccer, basketball, and track have given me opportunities to succeed.

The Keg and Free the Children have the same goal, to help children and youth around the globe.

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