As the Miss Teenage British Columbia 2016 pageant closely approaches, another lucky girl is slowly waiting for the most nerve wrecking night of her life, the preliminary competition.  February 28th, 2015 was the day I had been waiting for months to come. As I walked into a room full of amazing and beautiful women, I had never imagined what was coming.  The day was full packed with meeting women throughout British Columbia who had the same amount of nerves and excitement as I did.  On March 1st, 2015 I was crowned your Miss Teenage Coquitlam.IMG_0054

After this year, my life will never be the same. I have experienced so many unforgettable times and made the most of amazing friends.

Since I have been crowned, I knew the day of crowning the next lucky girl would come, and I have finally prepared myself for this.

I’ve repetitively expressed my sincere gratitude but haven’t exactly touched on what I’ve taken away from this entire experience.

I learnt so much about myself through this pagIMG_8229eant and it made me a better person. I have made so many changes throughout my community and changes with my platform about Mental Health Awareness. Out of this, I have become a better, well-rounded person and have given myself so much for confidence and self-motivation to complete and achieve amazing things throughout the next years.

To the next girl: You are now a title holder, you have responsibilities and shoes to fill which may or may not be an easy task for you, and it was not an easy one for me. ALWAYS remember to take deep breathes through the hard times and make sure to take your time, the year flies by and before you know it, the reign will be over. EMBRACE this experience as it is a one in a life time chance. BELIEVE in yourself, I had my moments of doubt and sometimes I felt like I was never beautiful enough or would compare myself to the other girls, which brings me to my next key, LOVE YOURSELF! You were picked for a reason, and now you need to show the world how much of a change you can make. Although the reign will come to an end, you will forever be the title holder, and never forget that. Have fun and enjoy your experience, fully embrace it and go get’em tiger.IMG_0525

Although my reign is over, my title as Miss Teenage Coquitlam of 2015 will still forever remain. I will continue to make changes with this title within my community surrounding mental health.

Forever & Always, Melissa Delmonico, Miss Teenage Coquitlam 2015


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