Imagine 1000 years ago. Walk through a grassy meadow and pass by a long, flowing river.  You can hear birds singing and look into the horizon, you see ice capped mountains and flourishing forests. Continue walking and see a young boy fishing for sockeye salmon with his father. The outline of a village is in the distance. Children run out along the river and women clean salmon. There are berries growing in the bush next to you and the air smells like fresh rain. This is Kwayqhuitlam, founded by the Coast Salish people. Kwayqhuitlam means “red fish”.

Today, take a walk along this same river – Colony Farms, rent a bike or walk through the trails on foot. Further up the meandering Coquitlam River tourists may be surprised to see people tubing in the shallow two foot deep waters as well as people on the trails on mountain bikes. Aboriginal people continue to fish in the Coquitlam River to this very day.


Imagine 100 years ago.  You are a student nurse on your first shift at Riverview Hospital. As your walking up to the stone pillared doorway of the East Lawn you can’t help but think how it looks nothing like a hospital and more like a mansion. Once in the door, the nurse supervisor assigns you to
look for a patient in Finny’s Garden. She see’s the confused look on your face and explains that many of the patients tend the gardens and livestock as part of their therapy.


Today, take a walk through one of Canada’s historic places – Riverview
Hospital and Arboretum. This 250 acre jewel is riddled with controversy as many
would like to see the land turned into condominiums. However,  it needs to be saved.  These grounds are a part of Coquitlam’s heritage.  We can never go back if the collection of unique species of trees and plants are destroyed.


Coquitlam is located on the West Coast of British Columbia.  This diverse suburb is beautiful and growing fast.  I’ve grown up in Coquitlam all my life and from my point of view, it’s a truly incredible place to live. Coquitlam is filled with green spaces and some of the best athletic facilities in Canada.  I would describe Coquitlam as a mountainside community because we have so many parks and trails. I’m taking you on a virtual tour of all my favourite places and telling you a little bit about what makes Coquitlam a great place to live.

Coquitlam Town Centre Park

Coquitlam town centre park is where I practice for track, play soccer, and spend the majority of my after school time. At Town Centre there are  4 turf fields, 1 track, 1 water park, 2 beach volleyball courts, 1 skate park, and located right in its midst is Lafarge Lake.  You could say I’ve been a little spoiled considering the awesome facility I get to train on. The track is named after my best friend’s grandfather Percy Perry. The track was redone one month ago and I can’t even describe the feeling of running on newly done track. This is a picture of my high jump “family”. On the left is Adam Chatten, then myself, my high jump coach Per Anderson, and Adam’s twin Eric. I also had a terrific season with my soccer team and we played many games and practiced on the turf fields at Town Centre. Town centre hosts many track meets and soccer tournaments, the most recent track meet was the Coquitlam Cheetahs meet.

Coquitlam Centre Shopping Mall

Coquitlam Boasts a 170 store shopping mall. I love to shop.I enjoy going to Coquitlam Centre and trying on makeup at Sephora, eating in the food court, and smelling all the body lotions and soap at Body Shop. Sometimes when I’m feeling rebellious I go up the down escalator.  Coquitlam Centre hosts lots of charity events including a Flash mob to support The Ride to Conquer Cancer! Shayna Kerrie, my photographer is super fun and takes incredible pictures.If she lived in Coquitlam i’m sure she would love this mall. I’m so glad to be able to have had the opportunity to work with someone so talented. Thanks Shayna!


Right across the street from Coquitlam Centre is the
Coquitlam Chrysler dealership. These are a great bunch of people supporting their
community and me!

Coquitlam, a great place to be!

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  1. Very sweet of you! You were a pleasure and so beautiful to shoot!

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