What an amazing weekend! I was lucky enough to be chosen to participate in the Basketball BC Zone Team Championships. My team was the Fraser Valley North Zone. We had an exhibition game on Friday night and we won by 20 points. We went on to win both of our games on Saturday. The talent and level of play that all the teams showed was remarkable. It was a great experience to be amongst the top players in BC.  


Our team went in with high hopes for the semi final game early Sunday morning. We kept the parents on the edge of their seats as there was never more than a 5 point lead for either team. In the final quarter we were up by 6 points, I thought we had a very good chance of winning. Our coach Dave Semper was pacing and I could sense the anxiety in his voice as the time had almost run out and the other team was ahead by one basket. The final buzzer rang as my teammate, Anysa shot but it was too late and the ref didn’t count her basket. With teary eyes we moved on to play for third place.


Final Game

I could sense my teammate’s confidence as we started to play our final game. The other team was very skilled and accurate with their shots and layups. Their point guard was a driving force. It was a close game but they managed to pull ahead by ten points. Our final spot was 4th out of 15 teams. I want to say it was a privilege to play with such an awesome team and coach. A shout out to Fraser Valley North!


Coquitlam Thunder

This season has been truly mind blowing. My other team of Grade 7 and 8 girls known as the Coquitlam Thunder have really worked hard under Frank and Tanya’s coaching. This weekend my team was in Victoria at a different tournament while I was playing in Langley. I wish I could have been there. This team is like one big family.Over the last month we’ve been playing in the High school spring league, they have been high pressure games and have taught me so much.

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