If I could create a TV show…

Claire Roberts is an athletic, brown haired, 5’11, shy, socially awkward 14 year old. During a family vacation in Toronto, she accidently plummets off the CN tower.  She is peering over the edge and the protective enclosure mysteriously gives way. It is a miracle she survives. Witnesses on the ground say they saw a blur catch her and it seemed like she just floated down to the ground. She wakes up in the hospital a week later. After returning to her city, Vancouver, Claire starts high school.  She’s nervous and doesn’t want anyone to notice her as she is new to the school and has had too much media attention in Toronto.  Thoughout the day she sometimes can’t see her reflection in the glass classroom doors – anytime she is scared she becomes invisible. In gym class her teacher is instructing a unit on weight lifting. Her instructor uses her to demonstrate a chest press. He leaves a large amount of weight on the machine expecting her not to lift the massive weight, but she does it with one hand. After coming home from school that day and getting tons of unwanted attention Claire feels like she needs to get away and slowly feels her body rising up into the air and soon discovers she can fly. Claire is still very curious about how she survived her fall from the CN tower.

The New Student

The next day at school there is a new student in her class from Toronto. His name is Tyrell Smith, he has gorgeous black side swept hair, golden tanned skin, and a crest 3D white smile like a cheshire cat. Tyrell was wearing a thick long sleeved Marc Jacobs’s shirt and Armani Exchange jeans. It was evident his parents came from a lot of money. Tyrell was seated next to Claire and she noticed how he sat on the edge of his seat and wouldn’t make eye contact with her. This continued for the next week until Claire confronted him about his rude behaviour in class but he ignored her and walked away. Claire was hurt because she felt like they had some sort of connection.

A Night That Would Change Her Life Forever

Later that night, Claire is sitting out on her balcony when she hears a whoosh and Tyrell drops down beside her. He quickly covers her mouth with his hand so she won’t scream.  He grabs her waist and takes off into the night. They land on top of the tallest building in Vancouver.  Tyrell looks into her eyes and says “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”…

The Show Overview

The series would be about Claire and her constant fight against her arch nemesis the evil drug lord named Marcus Sever who try’s endlessly to take over the city of Vancouver. After her accident Claire discovers that she has become more confident and she becomes the most popular girl in school. Soon Claire is forced to choose between her popularity and friends or saving her city from the dangers it faces. There is also a conflict between Claire and Tyrell who was born with super powers. Tyrell has had a rough past and is on the borderline of joining the evil side. It’s up to Claire to change his mind.

My show would be interesting because it would show the life of an ordinary teenager girl with extraordinary powers and beauty. It would be filled with drama, action, mystery, and love.

My Sponsors

Marc Jacobs

My show would provide Marc Jacobs with a platform to showcase the latest designer wear and apparel. They would be interested because it highlights Marc Jacobs’s clothing brand in all aspects. If my characters wore Marc Jacobs clothing it would appeal to the high school – 20 year old demographic which is huge for clothing sales. Marc Jacobs would also be interested because his campaign is Aid for Aids and high school is a perfect venue for education regarding STD’S.

Rimmel London

Rimmel London would be interested in my show because the target audience of the show, teenagers-20 year olds would be influenced by the main characters. Claire, the main character has the London Look. By sponsoring the show Rimmel receives advertising and a way to introduce new products to the high school age group and older. Rimmel
is about ‘setting trends, not following them”, my character can relate because she becomes outgoing and learns how to be confident.

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